Articles: Advice for Programmers and Clients

I wrote these articles to address areas of software development which I thought either were being addressed inaccurately, insufficiently, or not at all.

Because these articles are a work in progress, they will change over time as I refine them and write new material.

While constructive feedback is always welcome, keep in mind that these articles are intended to be more of a one-way street than a two-way blog with comments.



Formatting Your Code
Why style matters

Universal Programmers Toolkit
Care and feeding of your code collection

Effective Proactive Debugging Techniques
It's all about the tools

Good Programming Practices
What to do (or not)

Banning Bad Bots
A short but effective script


The Joy of Specs
How to (almost) guarantee a successful project

Habits of Successful Freelancers
Advice for success

How to Become a Great Programmer
One easy lesson!

Bidding on a Stranger's Project
The basics

Freelancing 101 - Don't Send That Email!
Pick up the phone instead

Ensuring Your Web Site Project Succeeds
Advice for clients


How to Take Great Photos (And Fix Lousy Ones), Part 1
Composing and shooting your photos

How to Take Great Photos (And Fix Lousy Ones), Part 2
Editing and postproduction

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