Classical Fencing Mailing List (CFML)

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The Classical Fencing Mailing List is an e-mail list (listserv) for the discussion of classical and historical fencing.

While the term "Classical Fencing" refers to approximately the 19th century, styles and periods discussed on this list include any established European school (usually, but not necessarily, French, Italian, or Spanish) of civilian swordsmanship from the 15th-19th Centuries. Weapons include foil, épée, sabre, smallsword, and rapier & dagger. (For more information on historical periods and terminology used to describe them, please see the abbreviations at the bottom of this page.)

With over 800 subscribers, including many experienced and knowledgable fencers and fencing masters with dozens of years of combined experience and knowledge of classical fencing and historical swordsmanship, the list represents a unique opportunity to share ideas and learn more about this rare martial art.

Please note that this list is NOT for discussing modern sport (i.e. Olympic-style) fencing, historical reenactment, stage combat, mythical/fantasy swordplay, military combat, or Eastern martial arts and sword forms, as other venues exist for discussing these topics. If you're looking for any of these topics, then this list is probably NOT for you.

Of course, this doesn't mean any mention of these topics is forbidden. You're free to discuss just about anything, provided it's in the context of or pertaining primarily to classical fencing or historical swordsmanship.


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Some commonly used abbreviations:
CF -- classical fencing -- 19th Century
HF -- historical fencing, late period -- 17th-18th Centuries
AF -- historical fencing, early period (or ancient fencing) -- 14th-16th Centuries
MF -- modern fencing -- 20th Century
SF -- sport fencing; usually synonymous with modern fencing and Olympic fencing.
OF -- Olympic fencing; usually synonymous with modern fencing and sport fencing
CFML -- Classical Fencing Mailing List (this mailing list)
MA -- Martial art

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For more resources, including listings of schools, organizations, weapons suppliers, literature, and frequently asked questions, see the Classical Fencing and Historical Swordsmanship Resources page.

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