Korea, 1964

Photos by Klaus T. Moser-Maync

In 1964 I was stationed in Korea with the US Army. In my free time I took photos, especially during a trip that brought me along the east cost south to Cheju-Do.

These images are reproductions of the 97 black and white photographs I took, which vary in size from 11"x14" to 16"x20". The negatives were destroyed in a fire but exhibition-quality duplicates of the prints can be produced via computer.

Copies of 74 of these photos are available for purchase as a single book (8"x11"), or as individual reprints. I am also interested in selling all original 97 prints as a set.

If you have questions about obtaining copies for personal or commercial use, please contact me:

Klaus T. Moser-Maync
124 Woodbine Ave
Northport, NY 11768

phone: (631) 261-2041

For a more recent photo that I took of the World Trade Center radio tower, which is available for purchase as a poster, please see this page.