Kim Moser's Generic Résumé

A while ago to present

I'm currently employed by the company I work for, and I do stuff for them. I work on complicated things, doing activities that benefit my co-workers, our department, and the company as a whole. I use different tools and methods to get my job done.

some time ago to a while ago

Worked at my previous job for my previous employer. Did many things, including stuff, activities, and other work. Fraternized with co-workers at appropriate times, worked the rest of the time.

quite a while ago to a while ago

Worked the night shift. Did everything I did at my previous job, only 12 hours later.

a long time ago to quite a while ago

Had a summer job in which I did the work I was told to do. Did lots of busy work to fill the time.

freshman through senior year

I went to a school and took classes. I graduated with a GPA and got a degree. I was involved in extracurricular activities.


I've been given awards and honors for excelling in my pursuits. I keep them displayed conspicuously so people will be impressed and think more highly of me, and so they will know with a greater degree of certainty my ability to do well.


Languages: My language skills are extensive. I am fluent in my native language. I know a few Spanish words. I know what Russian sounds like when I hear it. I know how to ask for a beer in German, and I can order from a Chinese menu without looking at the translations. I know dirty words in Greek, Swahili, and Korean. I can speak with an English accent.

Computers: I know how to use a computer. I can type up to 80 characters per minute. I'm an expert at using the Backspace, Delete, and Cancel keys. I know how to undelete files.

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