Digested Oracularities

You can also read answers [~94k] I've given as an Oracular incarnation, or questions [~39k] I've asked as a supplicant.

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Digested Oracularities:

1256 08: What will the Internet be like 100 years from now?
1250 02: Programming language without GOTOs
120204: "Why isn't there any more hot water?" 
119604: Scooters 
117109: "You ever feel like pounding in the head of a particularly stupid incarnation?" 
927 05: "The Man"
91107: "What's the best place on the internet to find math activities..." 
898 02: "What's the difference between macadam, blacktop, asphalt, and tarmac?"
89003: "What in the world is a 'macro-brew?'" 
887 01: Marx Brothers
88608: The future of MSNBC 
881 03: "I dare you to answer this"
83405: "% man Lisa" 
81703: Well-balanced music diet 
81310: "Could warp speed ever be achieved?" 
80809: "Will I find a job this year?" 
80002: Why is the world still here? 
78509: "What is the better way to fix the World?" 
78305: Salvador Dali's painting 
78108: "Why do I keep getting 'queue is getting full' responses?" 
78003: Obsession with Joel Furr 
77901 (?): Watermelon seeds
09: "What will the effects of the Time Warner-Turner merger be?"
76710: "Who was I in my previous life?"04: If I found myself standing in front of the Gates of Hell, would I be looking at Bill Gates?
75704: Which monitor to get?05: Future postage stamps
75607: "Why do black and white cows eat green grass and produce white milk?" 
75509: "Are there any exceptions to the AOL/Compu$serve boob-rule?" 
75408: Jobs in Australia 
752 08: The "W" question (with a long prologue)
74710: alt.usenet.oracle (Newsgroup-styled question)09: "What makes humor so darned funny anyway?"
74610: How to get in touch with politicians 
742 05: "Abandon hope all ye who press ENTER here."
74109: [generic stupid question] 
73902: "Who is always putting those naughty little holes into my contraceptive English raincoats?" 
73701: A bedtime story
05: "Who are more numerous; the living or the dead?"
07: "Why is the Earth round? Why not square or donut shaped?"
73104: "Why is a mouse when it spins?" [complaint about inane bluster] 
730 09: Mr. Peanut and Mr. Salty
72910: What class should my friend take? 
725 01: 90-degree encryption
72306: "Please teach me how to grovel better." 
722 05: "What are the 15 Workstations of the Cross?"
72001: "Did I get the wrong apartment again?"04: Do you declare your offerings on your income tax forms?
71909: [non-question] 
71802: "Which is the better path to follow to achieve true happiness in this lifetime?" 
71709: "Please tell me something about the undernet." 
714 10: All the world is a stage
71301 (?): "My boss just quit. What should I do?" 
685 04: Themes for future digests
663 04: "Yo Oracle, how's it going?"
64908: "How much is that doggy in the window?" 
64702 (?): Oracular slogan suggestions.
04: edu@edu.edu
645 01: "What question should I ask you?"
644 08: "Do satyrs celebrate seder?"
640 06 (?): "What would you do if I sent you a null question?"
63904: "Th* * k*y on my t*rminal has brok*n" 
637 10: "How long must I wait?"
63608: "What is the weather like. It is overcast here." 
63407: Things NOT to do when starting a network 
62602: Lady Liberty and the Jolly Green Giant 
617 03: "Who asked you?"
61601: "What is it (as Freud first asked) that women want?"
04: How do you write haiku?
1243 09: Good advice

You can also read answers [~94k] I've given as an Oracular incarnation, or questions [~39k] I've asked as a supplicant.

The Internet Oracle has its own web site.
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