This is a collection of photograms I made in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Because they were created spontaneously in the darkroom, each of these prints is unique.

Strictly speaking not all of them are photograms; some are just photographic paper that has been altered via folding and/or creative use of light and chemicals.

Most of these prints were created on silver halide paper, which is capable of capturing a rich range of tones that are not easily reproduced on a computer screen. In addition, these scans are much smaller than the originals, most of which were printed on 8"x10" paper. As a result the images you see here are not nearly as detailed or robust as the originals.

The descriptions of each image were written in 2008, well over 30 years since these photograms were made, so it's possible my recollections are inaccurate in some cases.

Please click the thumbnails on the left to see larger versions.

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