Phrases from a 1967 English-German phrase book

These phrases are from a 1967 English-German phrase book. I've arranged them in my favorite order. Unfortunately I no longer have the book; if I did, I'd include the German translations. If you have access to this book, please let me know.

"What is your name?"

"My friends call me William."

"Who's that good-looking girl?"

"This one has a pleasant smell."

"Is she under age / Is she still a minor?"

"But she uses too much lipstick / powder."

"I have to change my underweatairs to have a look at the furnace."

"Children under 15 not admitted! For adults only!"

"Would you kindly come over to the fish counter?"

"Did you have your baby vaccinated against small-pox and inoculated against diphtheria?"

"Sorry, I must refuse. I already have a partner."

"Is the magic eye all right?"

"My big eight-valve is out of order."

"It's all right, don't worry. I'll try to pull myself together."

"There was a woman on the phone I didn't know."

"Did he get badly hurt when he was knocked down by that car?"

"This picture is for adults only."

"The plane fell nearly 100 feet."

"Look, one of the engines seems to have failed."

"You'll be fined for deliberate concealment of dutiable goods."

"The customs examination was rather strict, don't you think?"

"Is anything paid to women on confinement?"

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