Palm Beach ReCounty
  When your t-shirt needs to count
  as much as your vote...

Our Long, Long Line of Losers
are now available for ordering.

All the t-shirts that made us laugh also made us cry when they didn't win our contests. They have hung proudly in our closet of Unrealized Potential, waiting for the day we could print them. And here they are! Click on the small thumbnails below for a larger view or to place an order. All losers are $15 which includes shipping and handling.

I'm With Stupid How did either of these guys graduate from the Electoral College? Large sleigh, loaded with coal, buzzing Capitol Electoral College: Property of George W. Bush We Vote, They Count, Now They Vote and We Don't Count
Is that a dimpled chad or are you just happy to see me? It's a count-by-hand job The chad wasn't hanging, it was lynched This t-shirt doubles as a hanky Honk if you voted for Gore
Only an idiot would vote for Buchanan I'm Chad, Punch Me With so many lawywers, who needs a president? Read my lips: no new chads Who put the 'mock' in Democracy?
Chad Happens Don't blame me, I voted twice Don't blame me, my vote didn't count Ow! I think I just voted for myself One Person, One Vote (void where prohibited by law)
I'm With Stupid (Secret Service shirt)I'm With Stupid (Secret Service shirt) How come you have no problem counting every penny of my taxes? Recount your blessings How many chads does it take to elect a president?