Source Code for VLC -- Very Limited Compiler

In one of my college programming classes we were assigned a project to write a simple assembler-type compiler. I wrote this version of VLC (Very Limited Compiler) in Modula-2.

While not stated explicitly in the source code (simply because I haven't gotten around to it), the following excerpt from the GNU General Public License (also available locally) applies to all the programs listed on this page:

11/03/1987 09:26p724FIB1.VLCFIB1.VLC
11/03/1987 11:35p761FIB2.VLCFIB2.VLC
11/03/1987 11:36p765FIB3.VLCFIB3.VLC
11/08/1987 04:39a1,125FIBBAD.VLCFIBBAD.VLC
11/17/1988 11:32p24,768RUNVLC.EXERUNVLC.EXE
11/17/1988 10:45p10,338RUNVLC.MODRUNVLC.MOD
11/17/1988 10:23p1,698TABLES.DEFTABLES.DEF
11/17/1988 10:23p10,017TABLES.MODTABLES.MOD
11/17/1988 11:30p3,147VLC.DOCVLC.DOC
11/17/1988 11:31p30,222VLC.EXEVLC.EXE
11/17/1988 10:36p18,374VLC.MODVLC.MOD
11/17/1988 10:38p2,663VLCGLOBA.DEFVLCGLOBA.DEF
11/17/1988 10:39p2,676VLCGLOBA.MODVLCGLOBA.MOD
11/17/1988 10:35p343VLCMOT.TXTVLCMOT.TXT
11/17/1988 11:34p171VLCTEST.BATVLCTEST.BAT

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