Grizzly Deaths in Chick Tracts: YAAAHH!

It seems every victim of a grizzly death in Jack T. Chick religious tracts yells the same thing just as their life is ending. The spelling may vary somewhat from one story to another but it's always the same basic primal scream: "YAAAHH!"


Falling always evokes a blood-curdling "YAAAHH!"


The visceral reaction to fire makes it a good motivator for someone to scream "YAAAHH!"

As an added bonus, sinners who die by fire also burn again in Hell, which means one more giant "YAAAHH!" for your reading pleasure.

For some reason this panel depicting somebody being cast into the fires of Hell is completely black, causing it to lack any real visual impact.

Hey, now that's more like it!

With seven A's, three H's and three exclamation points, this guy emits the second longest violence-related "YAAAAAAAHHH!!!" of all the tracts-- understandably so, since he's burning alive.


I wasn't sure how to classify this one since she was tossed through the window by a demon but it's not clear whether the cause of death is due to impacting the window or the subsequent fall.

It's difficult to tell which of Goliath's victims is uttering "YAAA" but presumably it's the one who isn't being strangled and still has use of his vocal cords.

Although this person may be screaming "AAAAAAHH!", the conveniently-placed tree branch makes it look like the standard "YAAAAAAHH!"


While this "YAAAA" may look like a sound effect because of the "UGH!" speech bubble, I'm convinced it's being uttered by the guy whose carriage is being crushed by a tree.

A flying tire gives the standard "YAAAAAA!" an unintentionally comic Minnesotan accent: "OYAAAAAA!"

Trick-or-treating will get you killed. The next panel (shown on the right) makes it clear that the kids were injured from needles and razors in their treats.


Chick tracts contain relatively few deaths caused by animals, probably because they lack the psychological impact of the more grizzly methods of dying.

Technically Jonah doesn't die after being swallowed by the whale, but what's important here is that he thinks he's about to die.

Natural Causes

Not many people die of natural causes in Chick tracts, but when they do it usually results in a blood-curdling "YAAAHH!"

You've gotta wonder how somebody who can't even breathe is still able to muster up the energy to yell, "YAAAA!"

Drugs and Insanity

Aside from being scared to death, the other things that seem to elicit a "YAAAHH!" are going crazy, doing drugs, and going crazy from doing drugs.

Some of these drug-related "YAAAHH!s" are even longer than the death-related ones. It's enough to make you think that being high is worse than death itself.

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