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Computer consultant and web programmer specializing in dynamic, database-driven web sites
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The first step of every project involves a discussion with you, my client, to determine exactly what you're looking for. Not sure what you want? No problem! It's my job to work closely with you to help you figure out your goals and then provide you with the appropriate services.

Information Architecture

"Information architecture" is just a fancy way of saying "well-organized content." I'll help design and organize your website to make it both easy to use and appealing.


Your website is shaped by your business needs. It's my job to put those ideas down on paper so you'll have a lasting record of the decisions we made together in planning your site, as well as the details of how to maintain your site--whether you're maintaining it or I am.


What happens after your project is finished? I can maintain your website for you or enable you to do it yourself. Inevitably you'll have questions, and I'm always here to help. Available by e-mail, text or cell phone, I'm easy to reach--and I'm happy to visit you in person if you prefer.


I write clean, cross-platform, fast-loading HTML, CSS and Javascript for everything from small hand-built sites to large template-driven sites.


I take pride in writing efficient, well-documented, platform-independent code that is easily upgradeable. The robust features, open-source philosophy, wide compatibility and numerous support libraries offered by PHP make it the perfect language for writing small scripts as well as general applications.


Whether you're using MySQL (my preference), Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL, or another database engine, I can write SQL code for it. In fact, I specialize in writing my code to be easily transportable between database engines so upgrades are seamless and painless.


I prefer to develop websites under the Linux operating system (and its variants). It's fast, stable, and well-supported.


Apache is one of the most popular open-source web servers.