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Just How Big is the Proposed Office?


It's said that every picture tells 1,000 words. We'll be more concise.

Aerial View
This is the elevation the building committee has been featuring in its presentations. By focusing attention on elevations, the committee conveniently avoids showing how this huge 9,200-square-ft stucco building will look in context -- from South Avenue, from the high school, or amongst the remaining "insignificant" trees around it.

Aerial View The building committee is also fond of presenting this picture, an "aerial view" site map that pretends to show how this big building will be "tucked" into a thicket of greenery. They seem to have forgotten that tree canopies are a good 25 feet or more above the ground. At ground level, with only a few remaining screening trees left (trees the building committee has dismissed as small and "insignificant"), this huge building will not be tucked away, it'll overpower the area.

Incidentally, the building committee also likes to show a complete map of Waveny, and refers to Site 1 as the size of a "Post-It note." With all due respect, over 17,000 square feet of 60- to 80-foot-tall trees is no Post-It note. In its real-life context, the one that people walk through and drive by every day, clear-cutting over 17,000 square feet of woodland will have a huge impact on this space.