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Waveny Timeline

Any way you look at it, there's been a stunning intensification of development on Waveny's northern end, and most of it has occurred in the past 6 years.

200 Million B.C.     Dinosaurs roam the earth
1715 Stamford residents purchase hayfields on Flat Ridge (now Waveny)
1785 Elisha Leeds owns a farm that is the western part of Waveny
1801 New Canaan incorporates
1895 Thomas W. Hall begins purchasing 175 acres he calls Prospect Farm
1904 Lewis H. Lapham buys and expands Prospect Farm and names it Waveny
1913 Waveny Castle is built
1969 Ruth Lapham Lloyd donates part of Waveny for a new high school, and sells the rest of Waveny, nearly 300 acres including the "Castle," to New Canaan at terms extremely favorable to the Town
1971 High School opens (designed to accommodate 1,900 students)
1974 New Canaan Board of Selectmen sign an agreement that the wooded buffer between the high school and South Avenue will be set aside for "nature study and general conservation only."
1975 Waveny Care Center opens
1977 Paddle Tennis Courts built and opened
1997 Dunning Field Stadium built
1997 South School expanded, new access road cut in to Farm Road
2001 Waveny Care Center expanded
2001 Waveny Pool construction takes out 5 acres of trees
2002 Town Council votes to clear-cut over 17,000 square feet of wooded buffer for office building
200? Athletic Field House now under discussion
200? Three-to-five acre assisted living facility now under discussion

Apparently, the Town Council feels that the 1974 agreement, signed by the New Canaan Board of Selectmen, is not legally (or even ethically) binding.